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DOS Appraisal Software Updates includes:

Uniform Residential Appraisal Report 1004
Condominium Appraisal Report 1073
Small Residential Income Report 1072
Desktop Underwriter Quantitative Report 2055
Desktop Underwriter Qualitative Report 2065
Desktop Underwriter Inspection Report 2075
Limited Departure Statement
Employee Relocation Appraisal Report
Employee Relocation Condominium Addenda Report
Comparable Rent Schedule 1007
Operating Income Statement FNMA 216
FIRREA Addenda
PUD Addenda
Flood Hazard Determination
Multi-Purpose Addenda
Completion Certificate FHLMC 442
Recertification of Value Report
Condominium Project Analysis 465A
Condominium Operating Budget Analysis 465B
Earthquake Insurance Analysis Form
Energy Addenda FNMA 1004A
Environmental Addenda
Environmental Desk Review
URAR Appraisal Desk Review
Residential Appraisal Review Form
Residential Appraisal Review Short Form
Residential Appraisal Review Narrative Form
Residential Appraisal Field Review FNMA 2000
URAR Appraisal Detailed Desk Review
Vacant Land Appraisal Report
FHLMC 704 Drive By

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